Friday, November 2, 2012

Bleak Falls Barrow

It's cold, it's damp, and there are dead things everywhere that aren't so dead. I'm in the bandit hideout that Lucan told me about, only it's no cave or camp, it's a damn tomb called Bleak Falls Barrow. It looks like one of the old Nord burial mounds. Unfortunately for them Sovngarde never came; this is no way for a Nord to spend his afterlife.

On the way here I was ambushed by the bandits' scouts, and was lucky to make it out. My shot hasn't gotten any worse and the bow I picked up back in Helgen isn't half bad. I managed to find some gems on the bandits after the fight, so I may be able to get some gold for these when I return the claw to Lucan. I took all of their arrows as well as I heard back in town that arrows are scarce in Skyrim because there's only one fletcher in all the land. My sword may be getting a little rusty in its scabard, but I was always a better shot than my swing. And then there's that other trick I know...

So there were a few more bandits in the tomb, but they were easy to dispatch. I found their leader Arvel strung up in some spider webs, and unfortunately I also found the enormous spider that put him there. But like I said above, there's that other thing. I had a friend in the Arcane University back in Cyrodiil. He thought me a neat trick that was a spell to produce flames from my hands. Sounds crazy, but he said everyone is born with a capacity for magic, and mages are just the ones that choose to unlock it. Regardless, I won't complain; that spider was scary as hell, but it did not like fire, and I managed to make it out. I cut Arvel down and no sooner had I done that when he bolted.

He didn't get far, which was unfortunate for both of us in a way, as his disturbance had awakened some of the Nords resting for eternity, or at least they were supposed to be. Draugr are what they are called in Skyrim, though I'm sure others have their own names for them. My father told me they worshipped Dragon Priests in life and so when the Priest died they joined him in everlasting afterlife in order to continue their worship. Anyway, one of them killed Arvel, leaving me to deal with them if I wanted the claw. I just kept reminding myself that though they are undead, they are also just men, and I would get through this.

Now I'm sitting here in a large room, claw in hand, writing this entry. Oddly enough, the claw was the key to this room, and there was quite a bit of treasure inside. I'm pretty sure Lucan had no idea what he had in his possession. There's a large wall here covered in words. They are in a strange language that I cannot read, however one of the words is glowing, and it sounds almost like it is whispering to me. There's another sound nearby also. I think I'm going to take another look around.

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